BIBO MUSIC ENGRAVER offers music engraving, editing and score preparation services to publishers and composers.

We typeset music of all styles and instrumentations, from small format choral music to opera, from chamber ensembles to full orchestra.

We produce materials that meet the exacting standards of major music publishers, composers, symphony orchestras, music textbook publishers, music theorists etc.

We use the powerful music typography program FINALE to produce musical materials. FINALE is the only music typesetting system that we consider equal to professional standards of music engraving. It is also the system accepted by most major European and American music publishing houses.

Experience in this domain will give to our customers all the guarantees for a high quality in the realization of every job of music engraving. The use of very powerful graphic softwares and of numeric techniques offer a very stable and high-quality printing process.

On request our customer may have the following options for music fonts as JAZZ , MAESTRO, PETRUCCI, NOVEMBER or ENGRAVER.











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